Civil/ Structural

Civil contractors in Bangalore

Phoenix is emerging as one of the leading civil contractors in Bangalore. Our team of experts provide premier service to our clients thereby achieving customer satisfaction within stipulated time.

We from inception have excellent team of engineers who are specialized in civil works of  power sector as well as in infrastructure projects and hence providing service on time, with best quality and budget.

Being the best civil contractors in Bangalore our goal is to give quality assurance and quality control which is maintained from architectural drawing to till final implementation of design.Ultimately our objective is to achieve industrial standard in all the service provided.In other words all Phoenix executed projects including Civil Works are developed to provide our customers the security that we will deliver certified works.Our team provides construction and maintenance service.

Our civil services include:

  •  Analysis and design of substations (RCC and Steel)
  • Analysis and design of retaining wall, culverts, UG tanks, Drainage systems
  • Foundation design for column, vessels, pumps, storage tanks and all other Equipment’s
  • Analysis and design of technological structures (RCC and Steel)
  • Analysis and design of pump shed, storage shed, warehouse
  • Preparation of Bar bending schedule
  • Analysis and design of pipe racks, cross overs
  •  Preparation of BOQ
  • Analysis and design of RCC building, steel building for
    factories,commercial and residential buildings including foundation design.
  • Design of Retaining wall, water tanks, Underground tanks, drainage system
  • Foundation design for equipment
  • Preparation of BOQ
  • Proof checking of civil and structural works